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Passionate and ambitious are two adjectives that characterize me.
I always want to go further and keep on learning. Becoming qualified and skilled is my main objective.


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Some Projects

rexou wallpaper

Puzzle/exploration video game. Game Programming Bachelor graduating project

Created in 6 months with 5 game design students, I have implemented the gameplay, managed the technical architecture, created some tools, etc.


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3nd year School project - 2023

Unity Engine - C#/.Net

rexou wallpaper

Mobile game developped with Unity in 4 days. Use the rainbow jetpack to climb platforms and get as much rainbow pieces as possible.

Get it on Google Play

2nd year School project - 2021

Unity Engine - C#/.Net

Red Dead: Zero

A mod on Red Dead Redemption 2.
The goal is to add superpowers. Allowing to make super jump, explosions on landing and deflect bullets.

NexusMods page

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Code Repository

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1st year School project - 2021

C++ - Using Alexander Blade (ScriptHook RDR2)

Gravity clicker
Gravity Clicker​

Mine ressources on each planets
of the solar system.
Using le-systeme-solaire.net API to generate the planets.


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2nd year School project

Three.js - le-systeme-solaire.net API

Road 66

A game book where the player has to cross the United States, as a bus driver by managing ressources, to fee a hostile movement taking control of the East Coast. It was a school project for the first year, with different constraints.

Github repository

r66 capture

School project - Group project

Home made in C using ncurses lib

Memento Mori​

The survivors carry the burden of the dead. Alone and lost, you found yourself in a home scattered of old memories. Travel and discover the bitter truth of your situation in a story about consequences and solitude.


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Made for Global Game Jam 2021 - Group project

Unity Engine - C# scripting

Comment la narration d'Ori fait ressentir des émotions ?​

Game analysis video on Ori And the Blind Forest. We talk (in french) about how the story and the narration is able to make the player feel emotions.

The video

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School project - Group project

Adobe After Effect


Bellecour school admission project. Made with my classmate and friend Edgar.

Official page

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Group project - Released

Unity Engine - C# scripting